Windows-to-Linux Cross-Compiler Toolchains

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The best, most up-to-date and comprehensive open-source toolchains on the market!
They target musl libc, the better C standard library, and include Linux kernel headers.

From Windows XP through 10, cross-compile your C, C++, and Fortran applications
for Linux on ARM, Motorola 68000, MIPS, OpenRISC, PowerPC, RISC-V, S/390,
SuperH, x86-based, and (very soon) SPARC.

While these toolchains work well out of the box, they're intended to supplement
a Cygwin or MSYS development environment (which includes common build tools).
Use Docker? We've got you covered. Use WSL? Download these instead.

Installation is easy: extract a toolchain and update your %PATH% environment variable.


[ source/config.mak ]


Toolchains support the following languages: C, C++, Fortran except where noteda.
They are cryptographically signed with the following key: 0xB1D0B4566FBBDB40

For Linux-Linux, Linux-Windows, and Windows-Windows toolchains: homepage.
Archived versions are here (cue laughter). Something else? Contact me.

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